Dispatch 17 from Makalu / February 13, 2009

Back to Kathmandu…

Today we arrived in Kathmandu coming directly from Hillary Base camp at 4800 m.
Why? After our winter climb of Makalu and our fast return in ABC I started to  feel cold to my feet and I lost only  partially the sensibility of my toes. Thats why I contacted some doctors and they advised me to make some injection of Eparin and  AVOID to trek down to the valley for 5 days and request an helicopter to avoid any complication to my feet.  So I called Nima Nuru Sherpa and he organize an helicopter for me and Denis but I had quickly to organize a night trekking to the low BC, 1000 meters below the ABC. So in the darkness we walked carefully down and this morning at 8:00 a.m the helicopter came and in 1 hours we arrived directly to Kathmandu. Immediately I had been visited by a Doctor, specialist in frostbite, and he agreed that the helicopter  evacuation had been a necessary  solution.  I have to visit him again Sunday and make again all the medical therapy and treatment.   There is any risk for my feet but I have only to be patient for the next weeks to wait that the sensibility will return completely normal.
Coming Helicopter
Jagat and Mingma (cook and helper) will start to trek down after tomorrow will 15 porters. They will arrive in Kathmandu after 9-10 days.  Today we did the debriefing at the misery of tourism, tomorrow we will have a press conference  and after tomorrow the meeting with Miss Hawley.

Simone meet Nima and thanks GOD

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