Dispatch 43 from Everest / May 31, 2012

Anker: Audio Dispatch, you’re not done till you’re done

Two Ascents, Both Seek Summit — Southeast Ridge Team to Focus on Education and Science; West Ridge Team of Anker and Cory Richards to Retrace Route of First American Ascent on West Ridge.

Climb to Be Covered Online Starting March 16 at natgeo.com/oneverest and www.thenorthface.com/everest. Real-time Updates from West Ridge Team to Start April 16 on National Geographic Magazine App for iPad

Click play above to listen to an audio message from Conrad Anker who was surveying a glacier after summiting Mount Everest.

Well, they say you’re not done till you’re done and, this is Conrad here. I’m at the 5,700 meter elevation. I’m in Nare glacier on the south face of Ama Dablam and I’m here with Subhash, Hey Subhash.

Subhash: Hello

Conrad: Have you been walking?

Subhash: Long time walking

Conrad: Oh yeah, long time walking. We started out this morning walking at 3 a.m. and we gained 2,000 meters of elevation in probably 20km distance. This is the fifth of the Extreme Ice Survey cameras that we’re switching the cards out and doing maintenance on. Everyone else is headed to Kathmandu and I’m enjoying one last moment down in the mountains. There’s nothing like walking slowly after summiting Everest without supplemental oxygen to feel the effects.

We’re happy, it looks like the card came out ok, the battery and computer are all working well and the glacier looks a little anemic from here. It’s one that we are studying and we’ve got two years of data on it now. Yeah, you’re not done till you’re done, we definitely had work left, we saved the best things for last. So, this is Conrad calling in from the Nare glacier, in the Khumbu valley, and take care!


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