Dispatch 1 / October 16, 2015

Why Renan Ozturk Chooses The ɹǝɥʇO Way

Being in the mountains isn’t comfortable, but that’s what I love about it….a tiny figure in this massive landscape – that’s when I feel the most alive.” – Renan Ozturk  The rain was pinging the rusted tin roof of the abandoned tiny mining shack in the Utah desert, in Indian Creek Utah just south of …

About The Other Way

The call to explore is in every one of us, but the act is a different story. Many people are unwilling to seek out those places where failure is more likely than success, the places …

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The North Face Stories

Real-world product testing in the world’s most challenging environments.

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Never Stop ____.

Exploration is finding the thing we love and relentlessly pursuing it. It’s pushing the boundaries of our physical and creative self-expression. Exploration is the joy, adrenaline, soulfulness, fear, love and exhilaration of the unknown. These are the stories of the people who Never Stop. More at thenorthface.com/NeverStop

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Crown Traverse

The North Face ultrarunners Mike Foote and Mike Wolfe, accompanied by photographer Steven Gnam, will spend the next four weeks running from Missoula, Montana to Banff, Alberta. They will cover 600 miles, traveling 35-40 miles per day with as little gear as possible. Follow their progress along the #crowntraverse here.  Feature image: Steven Gnam

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10 and a half years ago, The North Face ambassador Stacy Bare went to Angola with The HALO Trust to clear land mines. This Fall, Stacy will return to Angola with The North Face climber Alex Honnold and several members of the Honnold Foundation to explore the country’s largely uncharted climbing territory. Follow their expedition here as Stacy and …

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Makalu 2015

Beginning in late August, The North Face athletes Emily Harrington, Kit Deslauriers and Hilaree O’Neill, along with Adrian Ballinger and Jim Morrison, will travel to Makalu, the fifth highest mountain in the world in hopes of climbing to the summit and skiing to the base. They have allotted six weeks to accomplish this feat. If they are successful, …

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In the northern reaches of Myanmar, two of the most remote and dangerous high-altitude peaks on the planet stretch into the sky. Hkakabo Razi and its neighbor Gamlang Razi both measure more than 5,800 meters (19,140 feet), each vying for the title of highest summit in Southeast Asia. To definitively solve the geographical mystery of …