Dispatch 27 from Everest / May 7, 2012

Anker: Hello from Everest Base Camp!

Hello from Everest Base Camp!


Self portrait at 7100 m. Wind, freezing temps and a smile.

After a busy week with the Bruce Johnson MD and  Mayo Clinic team we are settling into a bit of tranquility. Teams are working between 7000 m and 7900 m. The overall spirit in camp is upbeat, despite the challenges with the dry and windy weather.

Life is precious and there is nothing like a demanding environment to remind us of how insignificant we are. Our bodies are challenged by the paucity of O2. Sleep is fleeting, we naturally shun calories and we loose muscle mass. Yet above us is the summit of the planet. The draw is powerful and is our source of inspiration each day. Keep an eye on the horizon, stay calm, be patient and be positive.


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