Dispatch 30 from Everest / May 11, 2012

Anker: Audio Dispatch, Conditions are great

Click play to hear a voice message from Conrad Anker on Everest

Greetings Friends, this is Conrad with the 2012 National Geographic, North Face Everest expedition. I’m here at 6400 meters, which is approximately 21,000 feet.

2,000 feet above me we’ve got Hills and Chris and Sam and Emily and Mark Jenkins. They’re up at Camp 3, and that’s about 7,000 meters approximately 23,000 feet, and they’re camping up there to acclimatize.

Conditions are great. We’ve had periodic snowfall in the afternoon, which is great. It’s just keeping the snow… The snow is keeping the rocks, cementing them in. So we’re experiencing less rock fall, and we’re hoping that sometime in the next, ohh, 10 days or so, will have a summit window when the winds abate and we have clear whether.

Thanks for following, and have a pleasant day. Take Care. 


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