Dispatch 11 / December 10, 2013

TNF Athlete Lucas DeBari Joins His Mom for The North Face Endurance Challenge

TNF Snowboarder Lucas DeBari joined his mother for the last 6 miles of The North Face Endurance Challenge Championship. Here’s his story: What do you think it might be like to run a fifty mile race? For us meager humans, I’m not sure it is even comprehendible. The words that come to my mind vary …

About The North Face Endurance Challenge Championship

The 7th annual The North Face Endurance Challenge Championship race held in the scenic Marin Headlands is one week away.  The signature GORE-TEX 50 Mile race category taking place December 7 offers up the largest prize purse in the …

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The North Face Expeditions

Real-world product testing in the world’s most challenging environments.

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Alex Honnold proposed an expedition idea to go traditional climbing down the Green River in Utah. The terrain was mostly virgin, so the objective was to establish new routes in a remote area. Matt Segal hinted that I should join in and try something new (I had never trad climbed before). I was intrigued by …

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Big Walls of Morocco

Hazel Findlay and Emily Harrington are tackling big walls this month in Morocco. These two ladies are planning on taking on a 3,000 foot route in the Atlas Mountains from the ground up, a month in Morocco would test anyone – doing it on a vertical plain offers a unique perspective. Follow their exploits and updates through the end of June here at www.neverstopexploring.com/blog/morocco

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Descending India

The North Face Global Team athletes Hilaree O’Neill, Emilio Previtali, Guilia Monego and Johnny Collinson set out on March 8 to climb and ski the 6000m White Sail peak in Northern India’s Manikaran Valley. The following is a first hand account of their travels and adventures during their expedition.

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Te Araroa

Renowned British ultra runner and The North Face athlete Jez Bragg began an expedition that will take all of his mental and physical energy for the next 50 days: a nearly 2,000-mile run the length of New Zealand’s Te Araroa Trail. The Te Araroa Trail (1898 miles/3054km) opened in December 2011 and runs the full length of New Zealand …

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Mission Antarctic

One year in the making, Mission Antarctic is a journey of snowboard exploration. Team snowboarders Xavier de le Rue and Lucas DeBari will set sail from the Falklands, through the Drake Passage and around the Fjords of the Antarctic peninsula in search of the best lines to ride on the continent. “I went there out of curiosity, …