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Before Rest, Nutrition Is Key to Post-Race Recovery

Post-race recovery begins the second you cross the finish line. And the most important first step after completing an ultra (or a race of any distance, really) is getting started on your post-race nutrition plan. The North Face ultrarunner Ashley Arnold connected with teammate Stephanie Howe, who happens to be a nutritionist, in order to offer up a few …

It’s National Drink Beer Day. Cheers!

It’s National Drink Beer Day, and in celebration, The North Face ultrarunner — and resident beer connoisseur — Rob Krar offers up an ode to his favorite fermented beverage by the pint (and by the growler, too, for that matter.)

Mind Games: Utilizing Your Most Important Training Tool

You’ve likely heard some version of the adage that “running is 90% mental, and the rest is physical.” But is that really true? The North Face ultrarunner Ashley Arnold explores the old aphorism and delves into the importance of mental preparation and mental rehearsal leading into an ultra as well as other athletic pursuits.

The Voice of “Curiosity” | Behind the Scenes at UTMB

The North Face climber and Camp4 Collective filmmaker Renan Ozturk has always been inspired to attend ultra races like The North Face Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc in Chamonix, France, one of the most impressive meccas for mountain culture anywhere on Earth. Last month, Renan traveled to Chamonix to make a film about ultrarunning, to tell a story …

Emily Harrington: Reflections on Transitioning to Big Walls

The North Face climber Emily Harrington made a name for herself as a sport climber at an early age. But as Emily has learned, there’s more to the sport of climbing that just comps. Making the transition to trad and big-wall climbing has been a sometimes painful and humbling, but at the end of the …