Alpine Climbing

Mark Synnott

After graduating from Middlebury College in 1993, Mark Synnott had no idea where he was going or what he would do for work. He just knew he wanted to climb. He ended up finding work as a carpenter, since it was conducive to a transient lifestyle. (“Build a house, climb a wall. Build a house, climb a mountain.”) Then, in 1996, Mark spent 39 days living on the side of the 4,700-foot north face of Polar Sun Spire, a rock tower rising from a frozen fjord in Canada’s Baffin Island. The ascent changed his life and started him on his quest to climb some of the biggest walls on the planet.

A Story with Mark

TNF Newfoundland

Early this Monday morning I received a surprise update via a patch of cell service from the TNF team starting thier expedition to Newfoundland. The team includes Mark Synnott, James Pearson, Hazel Findlay and Alex Honnold. Also from Camp 4 Collective Tim Kemple, Matt Irving and Jimmy Surrette are there to document the adventure!  See below for …