Skiing / Alpine Ice Climbing

James Balog

For nearly 30 years, James Balog has consistently broken new ground in the art of photographing nature. His work grows out of a lifelong passion for the environment as an artist, scientist, explorer, and adventurer. A former mountain guide with a graduate degree in geomorphology, James is equally at home on a Himalayan peak, whitewater river, the African Savannah or polar ice caps.

James is the author of Extreme Ice Now: Vanishing Glaciers and Changing Climate: A Progress Report, released by National Geographic Books in March 2009. He is also the author of six other books: Tree: A New Vision of the American Forest and Survivors: A New Vision of Endangered Wildlife, which were hailed as major breakthroughs in nature photography.His images are regularly published in The New Yorker, Life, American Photo, Vanity Fair, Sierra, Audubon, and Outside, and he is a contributing editor for National Geographic Adventure.

Awarded the Leica Medal of Excellence and the premier awards for both nature and science photography at World Press Photo in Amsterdam, Balog’s photos have been exhibited at more than a hundred museums and galleries from Paris to Los Angeles. The documentary film A Redwood Grows in Brooklyn explores his thoughts about art, nature, and perception. James lives on a Rocky Mountain ridgetop high above Boulder, CO, with his wife, Suzanne, and daughters Simone and Emily.