Rock Climbing

Hazel Findlay

Introduced to climbing at the age of 7, Hazel took right to indoor competitions – claiming the title of British junior champion 6 times. At 16, she shifted her focus to the outdoors, climbing traditional routes. Spending most of her time on UK rock, Hazel is now in search of solid climbing across the globe, exploring the rock formations of South East Asia, India, Australia, New Zealand, Morocco, North America and Europe. The past three summers have landed Hazel in North America as she cultivates the art of climbing granite.

An Expedition with Hazel

TNF Newfoundland

Early this Monday morning I received a surprise update via a patch of cell service from the TNF team starting thier expedition to Newfoundland. The team includes Mark Synnott, James Pearson, Hazel Findlay and Alex Honnold. Also from Camp 4 Collective Tim Kemple, Matt Irving and Jimmy Surrette are there to document the adventure!  See below for …

An Expedition with Hazel

Big Walls of Morocco

Hazel Findlay and Emily Harrington are tackling big walls this month in Morocco. These two ladies are planning on taking on a 3,000 foot route in the Atlas Mountains from the ground up, a month in Morocco would test anyone – doing it on a vertical plain offers a unique perspective. Follow their exploits and updates through the end of June here at www.neverstopexploring.com/blog/morocco