And that is how the first day went up here. My snowboarding was for sure a little hectic, but expectations of nailing the shot are pretty low on the first day. We're all just trying to get our bearings straight. Each day your comfort grows and before you know it, your getting out of the helicopter in places you didn't think you would ever go. Chopping through the back of a cornice so that you can gain access to an untouched spine wall. Strapping in to your snowboard as its precariously balanced on a knife edge ridge. Full exposure with rocks on one side, and a burly snowboard line on the other. You drop in from a disaster stance, and time stops, your brain stops, You enter the flow state, there is no time to think you simply act and react, using every bit of mental and physical skill you have gained over your entire career. the brain turns back on as you fly out onto the flat glacier, and As Jeremy Jones states perfectly, thats the HIT right there. Right as you regain consciousness and it all settles in, your high as a kite, cheers from your friends come blasting through the radio, 30 seconds prior you were crapping your pants questioning your very existence, and now you get to watch your homies rip down as you take it all in.
May 11, 2015

Chasing Winter

Alaska, home to some of the most technical backcountry ski and snowboarding lines, is where The North Face athlete and thrill-seeker Lucas DeBari spent time filming this winter. DeBari shares a behind-the-scenes look on filming, and provides insight on what was going through his head while facing extreme temperatures and some of the world’s steepest big mountain riding.   

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