Rory Bosio: Way Too Cool Race Report


Rory Bosio had a great race at Way Too Cool 50km and sent us this race report.

I started the Way Too Cool 50km race on saturday not knowing what to expect. It was my first race of the season and my longest run by far for 2013. I use this race more as a long training run since it’s too early to expect much in terms of running fitness. After a few months of mostly cross country and backcountry skiing, I wondered how my legs would do. Turns out not too bad, until the last mile, but I’m jumping ahead.

The race starts out on a really fun rolling single track. It was a spectacular day. Sunny and warm. It rained just enough the night before to pack down the trails but not leave them muddy. I cruised with friends for the first 10 miles, not really paying attention to the pace. I figure as long as I can talk easily I didn’t start out too hard! And I was a chatterbox (probably annoyingly so to the other runners). I do the majority of my training alone. Races are a great time to meet other runners and catch up with friends. I knew I was running relaxed.

The middle section parallels the American River and is kind of flat. Not my cup of tea. I lack leg speed and really had to push myself to keep a decent turnover going. The beautiful spring scenery helped distract my mind from the pain my legs were starting to feel and eventually I settled into an easier rhythm. For a couple of hours I was in my happy spot. This is when the running feels effortless, my mind is free to wander and I can just appreciate how lucky I am to be out on the trails. This doesn’t always happen, so when it does I make sure to revel in it.

Eventually I started to slow down. Unfortunately this happened one mile from the finish, proving that timing really is everything! I knew my friend (and one of my running idols) Meghan Arbogast was not too far behind me all day. I figured she was going to catch me sooner so when she blazed past me within sight of the finish all I could do was laugh. She was running like it was a 200 meter race! Sprinting has never been my strength and today proved no different. My mind told my legs to pick it up. But my legs were having none of it. Yet I crossed the finish line in my fastest time for a 50 km! It was the icing on an already great cake. I couldn’t think of a better way to spend a day. Running with friends on beautiful day never gets old! Can’t wait to do it again soon.

Published on March 18, 2013

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