In the pantheon of underrated skills every athlete and adventurer should have, layering is at the top of the list according to The North Face athlete Cedar Wright. After all, proper layering and an understanding …

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City Arrest and the Motorcycle Gang

[Words: Renan Ozturk] Frantic arms waving in the air. Hilaree, leading the rest of the team, ran down the tarmac chasing the large aircraft, begging it to stop in the middle of its takeoff sequence. I’m not sure how we …

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Give Training Scope with Mountain Athletics

Renegade Man Makers, Craig Specials, Donkey Kicks, Quadzilla. It’s pre-ski-season training time for The North Face big-mountain skier Griffin Post. Whether he’s shredding steeps with friends or filming a segment for a ski movie, Griffin knows it’s the work he …

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News from The North Face®/ October 21, 2014

TNF Helps Int’l Brands Adopt Responsible Down Standard

Since the release of the Responsible Down Standard (RDS) in January and making our commitment to transitioning to 100% certified down by 2017, The North Face has been working diligently to get the RDS rolled out to the industry so that more companies can benefit from more responsible sourcing. In August, you might recall, we talked …