The North Face Mountain Athletics Chicago trainer, Greg Buck was not always a fitness enthusiast. He made the decision to make his wellbeing a primary concern in his life, and in doing so, discovered his passion for …

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It Never Gets Easy, You Just Get Better

In 2009, The North Face Mountain Athletics New York City trainer, Peter Marino suffered from a Transient Ischemic Attack and shortly after was diagnosed with Lyme Disease. Scared for his life and feeling that his time may be limited, Peter cut down …

Boston Strong

The North Face Mountain Athletics is calling on people across the U.S. to set an outdoor goal, and join us in training for it. Participants are answering The North Face call to “sweat now, summit later” by joining our trainers in Boston, …

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Chasing Winter

Alaska, home to some of the most technical backcountry ski and snowboarding lines, is where The North Face athlete and thrill-seeker Lucas DeBari spent time filming this winter. DeBari shares a behind-the-scenes look on filming, and provides insight on what was going through his …

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Get Outdoors, News from The North Face®/ May 15, 2015

Getting Involved: 2015 Nepal Earthquake and Aftershock

In the wake of two massive earthquakes in Nepal, both international and local aid organizations are on the ground providing immediate relief and strategizing about long-term rebuilding and restoration. While many are eager to get involved in the Nepal relief effort, it is often hard to determine how to do so in the most effective ways. The North Face …